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If you are a site PI or have identified a PI for your site and you would like to join the POPPY study please e-mail the following details to

  • E-mail subject heading: POPPY SITE REGISTRATION

  • In the e-mail include your:

    • Organisation name

    • Organisation full address (including postcode and country)

    • Principle Investigator details:

      • Full name
      • E-mail address

      • Medical qualification (e.g. MBBS)

    • R&D contact  - this is a member of your hospital's research & development department who can be contacted with study details closer to launch. 


Where there is no Principal Investigator for the site a Local Collaborator can be put down. This is normally the head of your anaesthetic department or a permanent member of staff within the department with whom the Chief Investigator has negotiated access to the site.

Once we have your details then we will keep you up to date with our progress through the regulatory approvals and send out site information packs.

Closer to POPPY’s launch PIs and trainees will need to formally register POPPY with their local hospitals and we will provide the required guidance and documents for you to do this closer to the time.  

How to register a site with the POPPY study team 

Why register a site now and not later?

Why are Principle Investigators permanent members of staff and not trainees?

Registering sites now is key to the success of POPPY. Although POPPY will launch in later this year we need to include registered site details prior to submitting our IRAS form. Once this has gone through we will then be able to work towards our goal of getting the POPPY study affiliated with the NIHR Associate PI Scheme. 

PIs are usually permanent members of staff, often a consultant or SAS anaesthetist, who oversees research activity within their department. This is because there is a chance that trainees may move hospitals by the time POPPY starts collecting data. However by working together through our trainee network to get all RAFT sites signed up if you move hospitals it should hopefully be a POPPY site too! 



If you have any questions about POPPY please get in touch

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