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How to get involved

POPPY will launch in later this year and is open for site recruitment. Currently we are looking for sites to register an interest in joining the study and put forward a Principle Investigator (PI). First check our POPPY sites webpage to see if your site has already signed up. If your site is signed up and you want to get involved get in touch with your PI. If your site hasn't signed up and you would like to do this have a look on our how to register your hospital webpage for information. 

The POPPY study has also joined the NIHR Associate PI Scheme, you can find more information on this here

Who makes up the POPPY team?

The POPPY team is made of a lot of people working together! There are different ways to get involved to suit your own personal career goals. These include:

  • Principle Investigator - a permanent member of staff with research experience

  • Associate Principle Investigator those who want to gain skills and experience in participating in NIHR Portfolio research as part of a 6 month programme

  • Trainee Site Lead(s) - those taking a leadership role who are not doing the Associate PI Scheme at a site where there is not an Associate PI

  • Collaborators - those who play a key role in the delivery of the POPPY study during the data collection window

Together you will be key in the delivery and success of The POPPY study!


If you have any questions about POPPY please get in touch

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