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How to get involved

Although RAFT projects are fundamentally trainee led we welcome everybody to become involved with POPPY as we do with all RAFT activities. We invite trainees plus locally employed and SAS anaesthetists of comparable experience to take leadership roles with POPPY at their hospitals. We also welcome all anaesthetists, anaesthesia associates, ODPs, nurses working in theatres or perioperative care, research nurses and students to be involved too!

POPPY will launch in later this year. Currently we are looking for sites to register an interest in joining the study and put forward a Principle Investigator (PI). First check our POPPY sites webpage to see if your site has already signed up. If your site hasn't signed up and you would like to register your site please get in touch with your research lead within your anaesthetic department or head of department and let them know about POPPY. From discussion with them you should be able to identify a local Principle Investigator (PI) whose details can be passed along to the POPPY study team. A local PI is usually a permanent member of staff within the anaesthetic department, often a consultant or SAS anaesthetist, who oversees research activity at their site. This is because there is a chance that trainees may move hospitals by the time POPPY starts collecting data. However by working together through our trainee network to get all RAFT sites signed up if you move hospitals it should hopefully be a POPPY site too! Closer to POPPY’s launch PIs and trainees will need to register POPPY with their local hospitals and we will provide the required guidance and documents for you to do this closer to the time.  

Once your site has successfully joined up to POPPY we will keep POPPY collaborators and the RAFT mailing list and local PIs up to date with what is going on with the study. If you are not signed up to the RAFT mailing list you can do so by clicking here

Who makes up the POPPY team?

The POPPY team is made of a lot of people working together! There are different ways to get involved to suit your own personal goals.

  • The POPPY study team, RAFT and TRNs will be there to provide support for local hospital teams 

  • Hospital Principle Investigators are required to register site and be a port of call for hospital specific support to their local team

  • POPPY Trainee Site Lead(s) will lead the setting up and running of the POPPY study within their hospital. Our goal is for site leads to have to opportunity to complete the NIHR Associate PI Scheme while being involved with POPPY

  • Local POPPY Collaborators will be key in the delivery of the POPPY study during the study period by screening, recruiting and consenting patients plus collecting baseline patient data



If you have any questions about POPPY please get in touch

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