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Patient reported Outcomes, postoperative Pain and Pain relief in daY case surgery

POPPY is the new RAFT project and we are really looking forward to launching this in 2023. This observational cohort study will create a picture of current UK day-case surgery using patient centred outcomes measured after discharge from hospital. Longer-term measured outcomes will focus on defining the rate of persistent opioid use after surgery and placing this in the context of persistent post- operative pain. This has never been done before in the UK. The POPPY study spans the special interest areas of perioperative medicine, pain medicine and day case surgery. We are excited to make this RAFT national research project as successful as previous ones. You will find all the most recent information regarding POPPY right here!


Planning for the 4th RAFT national research study 2023 is now well underway. Recently we received the great news that we have had our funding application approved! We are really excited to continue our planning phase and will have more information soon. As with previous RAFT studies, trainees at each site will undertake recruitment and day-of surgery data collection. We plan to then use an automated text message follow up system to collect outcome data post patient discharge. This is a novel method for postoperative follow up in national trainee-led research, expanding the scope of the “snapshot” study for this and future projects.

Dr Anna Ratcliffe



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