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Perioperative Blood Management 

In January 2023 we launched this collaborative project between RAFT and the NIHR BTRU (Blood Transfusion Research Unit) in Data Driven Transfusion Practice. Our aims are to understand how hospitals in the UK deliver and evaluate perioperative blood management services and assess individuals attitudes and practice. 

Project stage:

Data analysis

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project! All the data is now in and we are in the analysis stage. We already think we will have a number of interesting and impactful findings and will keep our collaborators informed of key stages through this process.  


This project focuses on organisational structure and variation of practice in regards to perioperative blood management of adults (>18 years). We want to work towards getting a clear picture on what is happening across different hospitals in the UK. This project is designed to be something that is easy and not time consuming, whilst allowing collaborators to increase their experience and achieve key curriculum goals. It will involve an organisational survey along with a survey for individual anaesthetists on their experience and practice in common clinical scenarios. We hope this will not only answer some interesting questions but also identify some key areas for quality improvement.

Frequently asked questions

"I rotate hospitals in Feburary, can I still take part?"

Yes absolutely! We would love to have you aboard. The project will occur during January and we don't anticipate that it will continue into February.

"I'm not sure who my TRN is, what should I do?"

No problem! Get in touch with us with the name of your hospital and we will let your TRN know that you are involved in this project.

"How much time will I need to spend on this project?"

We anticipate that completing the organisational survey will take a couple of hours to half a day. You might need to contact your perioperative lead and blood bank for some of the answers.

"Can I get allocated time to do this project?"

In the past anaesthetic departments have generally been very supportive of RAFT projects. Remember if you are on the RCoA 2021curriculum you have access to allocated educational development time.

"I work at a trust with lots of different sites, how many surveys will I need to do?"

You will need to do one organisational survey for each hospital which is >1 mile away from your main site. If this is turns out to be a lot why not team up with some colleagues and share the load! You will all get the same recognition for your efforts.

"Are paediatric hospitals included?"

This project focuses on the perioperative blood management of adults (>18 years). If you work at a site which solely does paediatric anaesthesia we will not be able to include you this time but keep an eye out for future opportunities!

"Why do I need local supervisor for this project if it is trainee lead?"

It is good practice to ask your departmental research/QI lead if they are happy for you to do national projects. They may know if the project is already ongoing and be able to guide you through applying through local audit department processes. 

"What should I do if I'm unable to finish this by the end of January?"

Get in touch with us via email and we will try our best to support you towards success and arrange a time point that works better for you.

"I've forgotten my login details for the organisational survey, what should I do?"

Get in touch with us and we can help you get logged back in again!


If you have any questions about this survey or you would like to sign up please get in touch

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