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RAFT aims to provide several opportunities to get involved in research and QI. To find out more about our current projects click on the headings below.

This year the RAFT survey will widen its scope to include all training anaesthetists in the UK. We want to know what your experiences have been like doing research and QI.

In January 2024 we will launch the next RAFT national research project: Patient reported Outcomes, postoperative Pain and Pain relief in daY case surgery.

This is a collaborative project between RAFT and the NIHR BTRU in Data Driven Transfusion Practice. This will include a survey of organisational and individual anaesthetists' practice.

AIRWAYS3 is a trial comparing supraglottic airway devices vs. endotracheal intubation for in hospital cardiac arrests. We are updating TRNs regularly with the sites that have signed up for the study. 

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