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Martha Belete

Hi I'm Martha working as an anaesthetic registrar in the South West of England.

Research, QI and learning from excellence are definitely passions of mine. As chair I aim to support the development of opportunities for research & quality improvement, showcase the amazing work that trainee research networks do and continue delivering great RAFT projects.  

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Vice Chair (Anaesthesia)

Kathleen Wolff

Hello, I'm Kat - I'm an ST6 Anaesthetic Trainee working in Leicester. My interests include Perioperative Medicine and Prehabilitation for Major Surgery. I have been involved with Trainee Research Networks since the start of my anaesthetic training. I am currently on the committee of MERCAT and was previously a Trainee Trust Lead for SWARM. I am passionate about trainee collaboration and making research more accessible for all developing anaesthetists. I am very excited to work along side so many brilliant TRNs!

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Vice Chair (Intensive Care)

Katie Preston

I'm Katie, a dual anaesthetic & ICU registrar in the Wessex region. I love helping others get involved in research, which I'm currently doing as head of the local TRN SPARC. As ICU vice chair I aim to foster collaboration between anaesthetists and intensivists on projects such as AIRWAYS-3. My research interests include pre-oxygenation and awareness in anaesthesia. 

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Rebecca Hawes

I am currently a clinical fellow working in South Yorkshire and have used my fellowship to complete a Quality Improvement PgCert. I have been a committee member on SHARC for the last four years and through this have been the trainee-led for regional and national projects. I have also completed the NIRH associate PI scheme for ObsQoR. 

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Reeanne Jones

Hi I'm Reeanne, ST5 Anaesthetist in Mersey. I've been part of MAGIQ since the start of CT2 and will soon be the lead for MAGIQ. I am passionate about training improvements, trainee well-being, research and education. Outside of anaesthetics I have experience as a treasurer having founded a community hcarity and managed / raised funds for them. I am delighted to be the new treasurer of the RAFT committee. 

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Mo Williams

I am an ST6 anaesthetics trainee based in Yorkshire. I completed the NIHR academic clinical fellowship where I found a passion for clinical drug trials. I gained an MSc by thesis at the Hull York Medical School and am currently applying for an MD. 

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Amelia Van Manen

Hello, I’m Amelia, an anaesthetics registrar working in Oxford. Prior to my medical degree I was a medical anthropologist with a research interest in healthcare culture and organisational power dynamics. I am passionate about improving our experience of being anaesthetic trainees with education and research being key themes in this. I am currently a research fellow and undertaking a masters in medical education at Cambridge. As education lead my goal is to develop RAFT resources to support all of the TRNs, and enable early career anaesthetists to meet the curriculum requirements for research in a way that is interesting and empowering. 

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Past Committee Members

William Spencer (SWARM)

Katie Samuel (STAR/TRIPOM)

Tom Heaton (NWRAG)

Helen Ellicott (SEARCH)

Laurie Holdierne (MERCAT)

Laura Carrick (MERCAT)

Mike Jarvis (MERCAT)

Andrew Boyle 

Harriet Wordsworth (PLAN)

Sam Clark (OxCCARE)

Andy Chamberlain (AARMY)

David Fallaha (WORSTRAQ)

Tom Clark (SWARM)

Caroline Thomas (AARMY)

Alex Wickham (PLAN)

Charlotte Small (WMTRAIN)

Jaimin Patel (WMTRAIN)

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