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Thank you to everyone who took part! We are in the process of analysing you answers and will share the results soon! 

Operating Room

RAFT survey 2022: a national survey on the experience of research and quality improvement during anaesthesia training in the UK

In November 2022 RAFT will be launching a national survey looking at the experience that developing anaesthetists have in research and quality improvement in the UK during their training. We want to find out training anaesthetists' opinions regarding research and quality improvement and identify any areas in which support can be improved. 


In August 2021 a new RCoA curriculum was implemented for anaesthetic training in the UK. Although research and quality improvement had existed in the previous curriculum the new curriculum introduces specific domains these topics. This is accompanied with an ongoing focus on research, audit and quality improvement skills in anaesthesia recruitment. RAFT works with trainee research networks across the UK to support and deliver research and QI projects. Each year RAFT conducts a survey of its members, this year the survey will widen its scope to focus on training anaesthetists’ experience and opinions on research and quality improvement.


If you have any questions about the survey please get in touch

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